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For questions concerning the definition of Limited Resource Farming and/or supporting economic data, contact: Mark Peters, Economist, FPAC Business Center.

This site is provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Limited Resource Farmer and Rancher - (LRF/R)


The purpose of this self determination tool is to enable potential Limited Resource Farmers and Ranchers (LRFR), Beginning Farmers (BF), and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers or Ranchers (SDA) to ascertain eligibility for various USDA programs and benefits.

It is important to remember that:
  • The tool is only meant to help producers determine if they qualify as a Limited Resource Farmer, or Rancher or Forest Owner by providing the county value necessary to qualify.
  • It is not intended as a FINAL certification or proof of limited resource status. This tool is the first step in the certification process that happens in your service center office.
  • All applicants may be asked to provide tax or other records necessary to justify their claim.
  • This information is not saved in any database or anywhere on the web site.
  • Based on the information that you provide, your verification for eligibility to apply to participate in those USDA programs with special provisions for eligibility as a limited resource farmer/rancher as determined from the use of this tool must be supported by your certification on the designated USDA Program application form. You must complete and sign the limited farmer/rancher certification on the designated program application/contract form.

Program Contact:

NRCS offices and Farmers and Ranchers that need more information on this certification tool, this special program, or other USDA programs that a Limited Resource Farmer and Rancher may be eligible for should contact Mark Peters, Economist, FPAC Business Center.

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