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For questions concerning the definition of Limited Resource Farming and/or supporting economic data, contact: Mark Peters, Economist, FPAC Business Center.

This site is provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Limited Resource Farmer/Rancher

Step 1: Select your state from the list.
State Information

Step 2: Select your county or area from the list.
County/Area Information

Step 3: Determine your Gross Farm and Income Levels.
Limited Resource Determination Information *Required
A. Gross Farm Sales Determination:
In each of the tax years 2015 and 2016, was your direct or indirect Gross Farm Sales less than or equal to  per year?

B. Adjusted Gross Income Determination:
In each of the tax years 2015 and 2016, was your Total Household Income less than the  County "County/Area Value" of ?

Total Household Income is defined as Adjusted Gross Income for all members in your household or the amount you entered on IRS Form 1040, Adjusted Gross Income Section. See IRS Web Site for more information on the IRS form.

County/Area Value is calculated as the higher of the National Poverty level or 50% of the County/Area Median Household Income.

Step 4. Print your results.
Print Results
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